360° decoro

360° decoro is the home of the world’s leading bespoke imaging technologies enabling indiviual designs to become a reality.  

Get inspired by a world full of materials, colours, surfaces, decors and technologies and make your dream become reality. Benefit from our 360° degree services and visit us at one of our showrooms.


Transforming your idea to an image  

There are almost no restrictions to developing a bespoke image that complements a design or architectural idea. Limitless creativity is encouraged both for aesthetic look and emotional feel. 360 decoro will help you to deliver your dreams! Our in-house design team has the experience, knowledge and technology to capture your ideas through high resolution scans or photography, image editing and colour management.

Creating 3D technical layout drawings

To help make your interior design decisions easier, our 360 decoro design support team can send you 3D layouts to show different bespoke design themes for you to choose from. 360 decoro will help you convert your chosen image from a sketch, autocad drawing or photgraph to a detailed 3D layout that can be used for printing and installation.

Assisting you in your material choice 

360 decoro will act as your partner to ensure all aesthetic, emotional and technical aspirations are delivered. Using leading bespoke imaging technologies we provide expertise and advise to create your chosen image in a variety of exciting materials including  GLASS, METAL, WOOD, FABRIC, WALLPAPER, VINYL, CORK  AND PAINT.

Bespoke design solutions for interiors

360° decoro opens up bespoke interior design ideas becoming a practical opportunity for designers and architects – you are now free to dream in the knowledge that both the material of choice and bespoke imaging expertise is available.